Keep Your Truck in Top Condition

Schedule a diesel oil change and other preventive maintenance in Godley, TX

Even if your truck isn't showing any signs of problems, the next big breakdown could be on its way. Catch small problems early by visiting BSC Diesel for preventive maintenance.

We've worked on countless diesel vehicles over the years and can identify warning signs of major repair needs. With our help, you can find an issue and fix it before it causes major issues down the road.

From a diesel oil change to a truck diagnostic test, count on us to keep your ride in tiptop shape. Reach out today to set a date for service at our Godley, TX shop.

What can we do for your truck?

What can we do for your truck?

Our crew is here to help ensure that your truck will last for years to come. Our diesel preventive maintenance services include:

  • Diesel oil change service
  • Suspension and brake check service
  • Vehicle diagnostic service
  • Engine checking service

Take good care of your truck, and it will take good care of you. Choose a date for diesel preventive maintenance by contacting us now.